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Our Panels: Students

Over 70,000 students at Higher Education institutions across the UK. Find out more below or get in touch for a quote within the hour.

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An unrivalled source for Higher Education students

With over 70,000 panellists currently enrolled in HE institutions, our panel is the definitive resource for researchers wanting to access HE students in the UK.

We collaborate with some of the biggest organisations in student recruitment in the UK. And we have done so continuously for over 14 years. We also run The OpinionPanel Community, which attracts thousands of new members each year, with its original user-generated content updated daily.

Our student-specific profiling includes:

  • University Group
  • Institution
  • University Region
  • JACS Subject Group
  • JACS Principle Subject
  • Part-time / full-time status
  • Course Level
  • Course Year
  • Course Duration
  • Living arrangements
  • Qualification.


Download our Panel Book to find out which other audiences we have profiled on our panel.

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