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Supplementary Demographics

Add extra depth to your analysis with our vast bank of background data

Our panel database of 140,000 young people in the UK is second to none in detail.

With over 1,200 data points, we have a rich, fine-grained understanding of our members, including their area of residence, socio-economic status, current employment/education status, health, ethnicity, religion and hobbies and interests. We know about their past, what they presently do, and about their plans for their future. We know what they love and what they hate, what they watch, how far they travel to work, school or university, what sports they play and what brands they buy.

We can help you tap into this wealth of data by adding a number of these data points to your survey, either to drive questions and filter logic, or because you simply want to cut and view your survey results by this information later.

Talk to us about your analysis requirements, and we will recommend the best background data to address your needs!

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