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Published 10th December 2019

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22% of young people enjoy learning in their free time (SYN, C1, Oct 19)

91% of young people feel excited to learn new things at school or university, and only 2% say they’re not interested in learning any new skills at all (SYN, E1_7, June 2019). Much of this skill acquisition is being driven by young people themselves, outside the classroom, in the real world; 14% regularly volunteer (SYN, C1, Oct 2019) and 29% have a side hustle (SYN, F42, Apr 2019). While in some cases side hustles are financial necessities, many young people also find them a valuable creative counterpoint to a conventional main job, and a great way to devlop their soft skill set. In fact, such is the appetite for learning, that tutoring is one of the fastest growing side-hustles for young people, increasing by 50% between April 2018 and 2019 (SYN, F43). Young people today are passionate about learning and developing their skills, and there’s a pragmatism behind that passion; not only are they satisfying their curiosity, they’re also preparing themselves for an uncertain future. Recent research from BAE systems found that only 1 in 5 young people believe they are equipped with the right skills for the future world of work, and almost half think that they will work in a job that hasn’t yet been invented.

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What topics are covered in this article?

Careers    Employability    Leisure Time   

World of Work      Job Satisfaction    Skills & Learning 

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