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Our unique approach delivers traditional market research tables with a fresh, user-friendly twist.

Many of our clients like to receive their research results in the form of Excel data tables. This delivery format has long been an industry staple, but not all Excel tables are created equal!

Our technical team have incorporated extensive client feedback to design the most useful, user-friendly Excel cross-tables yet: they are hyperlinked to a detailed table of contents for easy navigation and have separate sheets for all data, for percentages only, and for counts only.

We provide full significance testing at both 95% and 99% confidence levels as a standard in the main tables sheet, so you will always be able to spot the most telling and interesting data points at a glance. But we exclude these tests from the counts-only and percentages-only sheets to ensure these just contain blocks of figures without empty rows or special characters, for fast and easy copying or linking into your own reports.

Additionally, we went the extra mile to make our tables as optically attractive as possible, with clear separators and borders, shaded elements and effective text formatting, so if you choose just to screenshot elements directly for your own use, you can be confident that they will look the part!

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