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The Challenge

Amid growing competition between universities, this well-known Russell Group member saw signs that its brand position was suffering relative to competing institutions around the country.

But what was at the heart of the problem? And what action could it take to fix it?


The Solution

YouthSight began by analysing existing evidence of how applicants perceived this university, and which factors were most important – looking at things like quality of teaching, location and overall prestige. This clarified what questions needed to be answered.

YouthSight then turned to its OpinionPanel Community and recruited a large sample of current and prospective students. Because the community is so large and targeted, we were able to select those participants most likely to have an informed view of this university and its competitors.

We conducted a survey among these students, incorporating our Brand Essence questioning, which allowed us to get right to the essence of the university’s brand, and where it sits in relation to its competitors.

By comparing the particular strengths and weaknesses of this institution’s brand with the factors we know to be fundamental to the reputations of universities, we identified the biggest opportunities to shift brand perception. The two biggest issues turned out to be the student experience and graduate employment prospects.

The Outcome

The results of YouthSight’s research combined a robust evidence base with compelling at-a-glance insights that brought the situation into focus for the client, and helped drive action to transform perception of its brand.

What next?

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