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Our Panels: Healthcare

We're confident that we have the largest pool of young healthcare consumers and future doctors in the UK.

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he research side

We’re the only available source for accessing future healthcare professionals in the UK

By leveraging our unrivalled access to students and graduates, we’ve cultivated a unique community of 5,000 future healthcare professionals.

With profiling data on subject of study, institution and year of graduation, as well as job interest after graduation, we cover medical specialities such as nurses, pharmacists, dentists, optometrists and doctors.

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Ailment sufferers and healthcare consumers

With our pool of over 150,000 pre-profiled Millennials and Gen Zs, accessing young ailment sufferers and healthcare consumers has never been easier than with us. 

Whether you’re targeting specific segments of the market or are wanting to learn how a new product or service will be received by your target consumers, we can connect you with over 50,000 pre-profiled sufferers and healthcare users so you can better understand the attitudes, values, and beliefs that people have when it comes to their health.

By using detailed targeting information to identify what medical conditions and ailments our panel members suffer from, and continually refreshing member profiles, we can deliver the young consumers and sufferers you need. All our processes are compliant with both GDPR and government regulations.

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How can you use our healthcare consumers?

Unlike most consumer access panels, our community members can be used for both qualitative and quantitative studies. Simply tell us the who you’d like to access (future doctors, patients, healthcare professionals) and we’ll take care of the rest:

  • Ethnographic research including virtual ethnography using video diaries - exploring respondents’ interactions with their own environment
  • Awareness and usage tracking: cost-effective online evaluation of prescribing and brand perceptions
  • Patient diary studies: quantifying current and future prescribing behaviour
  • Conjoint analysis: identifying key clinical prescribing drivers
  • Forecasting and market sizing
  • Tracking studies with future healthcare professionals, patients and consumers
  • Ethnographic studies
  • Traditional face to face
  • Pricing research: using a variety of approaches to identify the impact of price on volume prescribing
  • Market segmentation: using cluster analysis and CHAID to identify key customer segments
  • Brand profiling to identify customer relationships with the brands they use
  • Aspirational profiling to understand what is important to customer with regard to self-image
  • Brand mapping

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