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Our Youth Panel

The UK's largest youth research community.That's 150,000 highly profiled 16-30 year olds. So you can reach the right people, fast!

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150,000 real and engaged Millennials & Generation Z's

We are proud to own the UK’s largest, most diverse youth research panel.

The OpinionPanel Community has more than 150,000 members. They're available for your project right now.

If you need sneaker-heads, gamers, sports fanatics or festival-goers, we’ve got them. Our detailed profiling and screening can target any niche. And if you need representative samples we can apply quotas based on our accurate population data. Our panel is one of the UK’s most engaged and highest-performing.

We recruit only through high-quality partners, or by the peer-to-peer marketing of existing members. We’re a pure-play market research provider, compliant with key industry standards including MRS and Fair Data. To view some of our 1,000+ profiling points and the level of targeting on offer, including the specialist audiences we cover, download our Panel Book.

Our project managers will support all your fieldwork (whether qualitative or quantitative). And we can support all your data needs from survey hosting through to analytics.

Our specialist audiences

As well as giving you access to our main youth panel, we have applied additional profiling to identify specialist youth audiences among healthcare users (those with medical conditions) and future practitioners, university applicants, students and graduates.

Three reasons why our panel improves your research outcomes

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