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Qualitative Recruitment

Qualitative recruitment

Qualitative recruitment

Unlike other panel companies, we’re happy to use our panel to help with your qualitative research needs.

Whether it’s recruitment for focus groups, UX testing projects, tele-depths or any other qualitative research requirement, our specialist – and MRS compliant - recruitment process means we’re able to recruit even the most niche groups in the youth population.

This is our unique recruitment method:

Stage 1
We identify the right people.

You tell us when and where and let us handle the rest. With 1,000+ profiling demographics and customised screener surveys, we’ll identify the right participants for your research in less than a day.

Stage 2
We double-check who they are.

All our recruitment projects are double opt-in, so each pre-profiled participant is personally vetted over the phone by our dedicated project managers, ensuring your participants meet your spec.


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Stage 3
We ensure they turn up on the day.

All verified and vetted participants receive a series of text-message reminders. And in the event of last-minute dropouts, we always keep extra participants on standby.


What can we recruit for?

F-2-F Focus Groups and Workshops

Online Groups and Bulletin Boards

Individual Depths


Mystery Shopper rRecruitment

User Experience Testing

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